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xx Virginia Slimm, "This Time" [single], independent 2017 remix package.
Yesterday at 09:07:44 am by Virginia Slimm

Artist: Virginia Slimm featuring Ben Marmier on drums
Track: This Time [single with remix materials]
Year: 2017

Preview of track:

Link to media materials:

Note from author:
 Thanks for taking the time to listen to and hopefully experiment with the audio files for this track. My goal is to share music on a deeper level than only a stereo track and permit the track to become bigger than I am able to make it on my own. It was a pleasure to record this song and I hope it finds a home in your ears!

Warning: as I know many Rastafarians and Reggae fans don't tolerate foul language I warn you that this song might not be appropriate for the workplace or young children. Not trying to shock or embarrass anyone! Cheesy

Here are the Chords and  Lyrics if that interests you:
Virginia Slimm - This Time [2017]

Chords and Lyrics

154 bpm Dub/Ska/Reggae
Db Minor
Ab Minor
Gb Minor

Taken all this time to get things right.
Quit staring into, start using the light.
I learned my lesson, no need to burn me again.
Heaven beside you Hell within.

This time feels like the first time,
Maybe the last time, we ever meet.

Where did you go? I thought you were lost.
Found your car, parked on my block.
Still know my number, it's me baby buzz me in.
I see some trouble's about to begin.

   *instrumental break*

...Alright   ...Alright
I learned my lessons, so why do I burn me again?
Smaller things toppled a bigger man.

This time, feels like the first time,
Maybe the last time we ever meet.

How did you know, I would still be up?
After you called, I was so f***** up.
Your words are weapons, You use them to blow me away.
Blown like a kiss when I want to stay.

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