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Music Is The Message

« on: April 13, 2007, 12:49:54 am »

Mi found this entertaining program,
HighGrow 4.20 - Grow herb on your PC!!!
Almost exactly the same as real life!!
(only ya caan't lick it in Chalice)
Pointless to some,but a guide for others!!
Rasta Rob will help you get started once installed,
>>>> Installation instructions towards bottom of the page <<<<
A good bonus is you can listen to your custom
reggae tunes in your growrooms!!

Read their website for alot more info..

Just abit of fun for all Jah Herbsman out there
I have compiled this so there are loads of seeds included to
help with variety

Official Website:
http://www.highgrow.us/  <==== GO HERE

>>>>>>>>>> PLEASE READ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Step 1:
Unzip rar file,a 'HighGrow 4.20 + Seeds' folder will appear.

Step 2:
Inside the folder find the HighGrow_420.exe and click (or double click).
Now the installation screen will appear.

Step 3:
(This step is done in one big move,but is very easy,you will NOT be able to read this guide from here on untill setup completes,so please read carefully):

Click 'Full Install' on the left of the little window in the middle of the screen,
now a NICE fullscreen window will appear,
click 'Next' 3 times,the setup destination path should be:
C:\Program Files\HighGrow
Rasta Rob will speak abit which you can either read or wait for him to finish.
When the final small window appears (in bottom right of screen)
click 'Finish'

Step 4:
Now you should have a herb leaf 'HighGrow' icon on your desktop to start the program,but don't start it just yet because we want to add the bonus seed's for you to grow,so what we do is:
Copy all the seeds inside the 'Seeds' folder (not the folder itself) to:
C:\Program Files\HighGrow

Step 5:
To grow these seeds run HighGrow and click 'start' tab in top left corner and then click 'Planting Your Seeds'.When the new screen appears click 'Import'
and take your pick from a massive selection,double click the ones you want,
confirm 'ok' and it is added to the list.
Now simply name your plant & choose a pot and a room,click 'Plant This Seed' button to begin.
I-man growin Ultra Violet

Step 6:
To Listen to your tunes in your growrooms,close the program and copy the tunes you want to directory:
C:\Program Files\HighGrow\MP3
Start up again and then select 'options' in HighGrow and click 'Grow Room Music..',
then select MP3 (default is MIDI),you should see your tunes listed,now click 'Enable' to take you back to your grow room.
Click the 'Start' button in top left of screen and click 'Start Music Playback'.
Should be all set up ok.

Don't forget to water them
Good Luck & Have Fun
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mi naah like reggae, mi love it!

« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2007, 10:23:22 pm »

hehe , nice
give thanks fi di information Grin
dis looks different pon yuh picha!
hmmm... hab yu dungloaded sumting fi add dem lamps?
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Selassie bless.
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