Gary Clunk - Archives of Dub Vol. 3 (Reservoir Dub) - 2021 [Megaupload]
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Author Topic: Gary Clunk - Archives of Dub Vol. 3 (Reservoir Dub) - 2021 [Megaupload]  (Read 116 times)
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Artist: Gary Clunk
Album: Archives of dub vol. 3
Label: Reservoir Dub
Released: 16.12.2021
Quality: 320 Kbps
Gerne: Regggae, Dub


1.Gary Clunk feat. George Palmer - Judgement day03:25
2.Gary Clunk - Dub day03:24
3.Gary Clunk - From my dub room pt. 03:51
4.Gary Clunk - From my dub room pt. 03:50
5.Gary Clunk - No escape pt. 03:34
6.Gary Clunk - No escape pt. 03:31
7.Gary Clunk alongside Uptwon Rebel : Casino fever pt. 03:43
8.Gary Clunk alongside Uptown Rebel : Casino fever pt. 03:45
9.Gary Clunk alongside Uptown Rebel : Maritime dub pt. 04:06
10.Gary Clunk alongside Uptown Rebel : Maritime Dub pt.04:08
11.Gary Clunk - Skanking contest pt. 03:39
12.Gary Clunk - Skanking contest pt. 03:39

Reservoir Dub is happy to release a compilation of tunes composed and mixed by the french dubmaker Gary Clunk. This album is called “Archives of Dub vol.3” and includes 6 tunes + the 6 dub versions. Those Archives of Dub are a picture of a period : the tracks were mixed between 2015 and 2020… 100% stepper style! The first two volumes has been successfully released through the labels “French Dub Released” and “ODG Prod”.

For those who don’t know Gary Clunk : he’s a French dub producer since 2003 located around Bordeaux. He created Storm & Break records with his friend Hatman. He’s also involved in several projects like The Subvivors and was playing in the band Uptown Rebel a few years ago. His live dub spirit was mostly inspired by Improvisators Dub and Manutension. Gary Clunk represent – among some friends – The Bordeaux Dub School.

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