Never shall I forsake thee
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Author Topic: Never shall I forsake thee  (Read 5561 times)
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« on: December 24, 2007, 11:05:51 pm »

Never shall I forsake thee

When I heard the word of Jah Lord, I obeyed,
Even with all my weaknesses I strived to become a
Better and more grounded witness to your Mysteries
I bowed down in all sincerity onto the will of the Ethiopic Father:

I Prayed, give me the wisdom to choose my words wisely that I
May gain favor in your house, Lord Selah
Give me the courage to see when I inflict pain onto the ones I love
The insight to care for those most precious to me
The stamina to stand strong amidst all my enemies
And because of this prayer you have blessed me

When I first listened to you from within the silence, I said Jah is Love
And even though I could barely hear you at the time,
I surrendered in all humbleness
I thanked you for a Mother and Father who touched my soul with their spirit
A Mother and Father who loved us all unconditionally
I thanked you for the structure of Family you gave me,
Even though it may have been dysfunctional at times:

I Prayed, open the gates of Zion to this neophyte that
I may know Akasha – The Keeper of the Sacred Record
Grant me peace in this life and set my soul at ease
Forgive my militancy when I am trespassed against and
Cleanse my hands with your mercy, Jah Lord
When my life was filled with many trials and tribulations you
Moved my feet from off of threshing grounds
You said stand up meh Lion
You said Rise Up and perform Jah Works

And to this day I have not forsaken thee

© 2007 A. Hansen

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